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Second Mortgage Loans

Here in Arizona we have one of the fastest growing equity markets, second only to California, in total growth value. With this kind of equity boom you can now take even more money out of your home with one of our second mortgage programs. Our second mortgages enable you to payoff bills, pull emergency cash, or make home improvements.
Fast growing equity market
Our loans can even enable you to pull more equity out of your home than a traditional first mortgage. Because a second mortgage is based more on the equity of your home we can offer Loan To Values (LTV) that are much higher.
What kind of second mortgages do you offer?
second mortgage loan versus refinancing
We offer both fixed rate and adjustable rate second mortgage loans. This allows us to customize each loan to you, giving you the best loan and rate options in Arizona. Our seconds are also usually financed over a shorter period of time, say five to fifteen years, so payment time frames are shorter. However we can offer you longer term loans, if requested.
When is a second mortgage better than a refinance loan?
If you have a great low rate on your first mortgage than refinancing to pull cash out may not be your best option. Even if you were to refinance at the same exact rate, because you are pulling money out, you will have a higher payment plus you would most likely have financing costs to pay for as well. This is where a second mortgage loan fills the gap in home financing. A second mortgage allows you to pull a chunk of cash out without touching your great low rate first mortgage. Short term or long term, small amount or hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have the second mortgage thats perfect for you.
Fill out our simple quote form below and one of our experienced loan officers will help you with a great second mortgage loan.
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